Posted by: colegrove | Thursday 14 August 2008

And to the Republic for which it stands…

The difference between a Republic and a Democracy. Have you heard it said, “…Helping the spread of democracy”? What is democracy? I remember being in history class in high school and my teacher asked the class the difference between a democracy and a republic and I used to think they were completely synonymous.

A Republic is where there is freedom under the rule of law (Constitution). No one is above that law. Not just your average citizen who is to be law abiding, but everyone is under that standard: The President, her husband (joke – laugh), the military, and even cops. The ‘law of the land’ is that nations constitution and whatever powers it does not give to the government are to be by the people. We have the freedom. So, people are free. The law is there to protect the free people in their lives, liberties, and properties from those who would take it. We have a limited law – a limited government; for the founding fathers knew that a powerful government would become just as corrupt as those it was defending against otherwise.

Too bad out senators, congressmen, court judges, and presidents don’t take time to read the law themselves. Now we have many more so-called “laws” that are in fact unconstitutional. **Theft (1913)… ahem**. **Post-9/11 privacy… (cough)**. Take some time to read the Constitution today and see what our founders set this nation up to be… that being, a nation where freedom reigns. Here is some old entries in reference books that show the difference between a democracy and a republic.

(A side note from history: pure democracy ends up eventually turning into an authoritarian state. Take the French Revolution. Near anarchy and mob violence ending with an Emperor.)

A Republic - if you can keep it

A Republic - if you can keep it

 Mob Rule

Mob Rule


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