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Political Spectrum

The Old Paradigm

The Old Paradigm

Busting the left/right paradigm.  When I think of a spectrum I picture the prism of light going in one angle of a pyramid and emerging in an array of rainbow lights out another.  We are bombarded by all types of media from liberal socialistic democrats talking of how bad those “crazy right-wingers” are.  There are even republican broadcasting commentaries complaining about those “communist loonies” that are bringing our world to ruin.  While each view may have some redeeming value, when they promote certain political worldviews, worldviews that try to polarize people into one of two camps, one on the right and one on the left.  I would like to challenge even the idea of how we view political paradigms.

Many think of Communism as an extreme form of the “Left” and Nazism as the extreme “Right”.  In reality, the spectrum consists of a line, on the left is complete government control of social AND economic liberties.  On the right is complete chaos, with no government control.  The following video explains the situation best.  Our government was founded on the rule of law – the Constitution.  This was a very limited government, with freedom and liberty emphasised, not as hollow words used to inspire support, but in very word and deed.

This freedom is not found with the leftist democrats like Clinton and Obama, who raise taxes, attempt to change the issue of abortion from an issue of life to one of “choice”, try to implement universal health care – thus destroying personal responsibility and bringing us closer to European socialism.

This freedom is not found in “the right” republicans with McCain and former President Bush, who – unlike the platforms he ran on – has increased the scope and size of the federal government more than any other President in history – except perhaps the current one, by the time he leaves office.  Abolishing rights like habeas corpus and as President Bush said in Novemeber 2005 (pardon the language):

Stop throwing the Constitution in my face, it’s just a goddamned piece of paper!

This video puts a new persepective on the spectrum of liberty, I urge you to watch it.  It explains why we are not a democracy, but a republic.  It also explains – compares and contrasts – the various forms of government found in the world: monarchy, oligarchy, democracy, republic, and anarchy.

Everyone should take the “World’s Smallest Political Quiz”.  It is very simplistic, and perhaps not the best source to determine where you stand on the political spectrum, it’s worthwhile.  Also while taking the test, think about the implications of how you answer each question before answering it.  HERE IS THE TEST:

mypoliticalviewsAs can be seen from my chart on the right, I am closest to the Libertarian philosophy, yet on the Conservative side on Economic issues.  My results were 70/90.  My personal issues score was 70%, and my economic issue score was 90% (I’m not a fan of NAFTA, otherwise it’d probably be 100%).

As can be seen from the chart, the economic spectrum goes from right to left and the personal /social issues from top to bottom.   Overall the idea isn’t about those areas, but in reality Freedom v. Government control, or liberty v. statism.   On the old paradigm, communism and nazism would be on opposite ends of the spectrum, but in the new paradigm, they are both at the same end of the spectrum, closer to absolute government control.

The interesting video above explains that true monarchy’s are rarely to be found, as they are propped up by nobles, councils, or other groups: in reality it is an oligarcy.  Anarchism really is not a sustainable form of government either, as it is a transition from one form to another, and is frequently used to bring about another form of oligarchy.

Another similar political quiz located at this website:, shows my results as follows:

Right-Leaning Freedom Lover on political map

Don’t be bogged down to certain parties or philosophies, find out the issues, and examine what you believe personally, not what “they” want you to think.  So – Where are you in the spectrum?


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