Posted by: colegrove | Thursday 14 May 2009

Quick rant

responsibility01Sometimes, I’ll do a quick rant in the heat of the moment (or heat of the thought).  So here goes.

What is lacking in most people are three things: (1) COMMON SENSE, (2) RESPONSIBILITY, and (3) THINK / THINKING!

You know, we are all lazy some of the time.  I admit… a lot of the time with myself.  Sometimes I actually think being lazy is such hard work that its tiring, and I may actually have to take a nap instead of just be lazy.  But there are times (90+% of the time), when being lazy can be terrible.

I’m not just speaking of sititng around doing nothing.  I’m speaking also of mental laziness.



Let’s say a new mom isn’t eating healthy food at all.  Never comes out into the sunlight and fresh air for any sizable period of time, but maybe once a week.  Doesn’t take a prenatal vitamin.  Then after delivery, baby had anencephaly or spina bifidia / bifida, or any of a number of health issues, some irreversible.  Then the baby is never breastfed; kept indoors all the time, developing asthma from the air; or delaying the reduction of some jaundice symptom with lack of sunlight.  Perhaps worse yet, the malnutrition of the mother (based on a diet of one food or a bunch of unhealthy foods), causes low birth weight, or even fatality.

Spna BifidaThen what happens?  The mother (hopefully) is upset and concerned for her child, wondering what to do.  Sometimes, depending on the problem, it may be too late, but other things can be helped with infants health.  Some will complain, ‘Where is God?  Help me!‘ or ‘How could a loving God allow this baby to have this disease, etc?‘  Or maybe she just won’t understand why.

There are two types of problems: either ignorance or apathy/negligence.  In oneprenatal-vitamin-organic-capsule-new-chapter-organics-perfect-prenatal case (ignorance), you don’t know that you should eat healthy, go for walks, etc. in order to be healthy.  Maybe the idea of just how severe not taking care of oneself in pregnacy can be – not necessarily to yourself, but to the infant or unborn child. In the other case, you may have common sense.  Or perhaps a pediatrician or doctor told you to eat a varied diet, or at least to take a good prenatal vitamin.   It was only lack of concern, lack of taking responsibility for ones own self – and the child – or sheer laziness – that may have caused the above examples devestating effects.

True, there are some people who take care of their unborn child the best they can and things may still happen.  Unforseen events, genetics, other problems of ignorance.  But the likelyhood is reduced because they did take responsibility.  Perhaps they just sit around and do what they want, what comes into their heads without thinking about the full picture.  ‘Someone will take care of the important things for me (doctor, etc.).

As A Man ThinkethNot just in that example, but others.  Someone gets a headache.  Perhaps they think, well, I’ll just take an asprin, and the pain will go away – not knowing it just masks the problem, not deals with it.  Maybe you’re dehydrated.  Maybe your constipated or need a nap.  Who knows.  Usually the pain will pass within anhour without taking any pain reliever.  The only time I take a ibeprophen is when it is unbearable.  I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve done that in the last 3 years.  Literally.  All drugs, even the ones that can legitimatley help in certain circumstances are best not taken unless it is absolutely necessary.  By all means take an asprin if you can’t function, or the pain is too great.  I’ve never had a migraine – that I know of – but I think from what I’ve heard, I’d take a tylenol or something.  But be aware that the more you take the worse your liver will be.

common_20senseMaybe you won’t have major issues now, but when your 60 and you feel like your 90 because your insides have been mistreated by years of bad food, bad drink, stuffy air, lack of sunshine, constipation, drugs, excessive use of pain relievers, etc. – why complain about how bad life is?  Why complain when you have a tumor, arthritis, etc. at 35 instead of 85 when – IN SOME CASES – you may have brought it upon yourself?  Sometimes things seem to happen for no reason.  But a chain-smoker who suffers terribly from emphysema in their 30’s and 40’s, most likely could have avoided the agony had they used good common sense.

FoodsNOTE: Of course not all people who smoke, or do stupid things to their bodies, have medical issues.  Ms. Calment in France smoked until she was 117, and only stopped because she was too embaressed to ask for a light.  And sometimes, healthy people – for whatever reason (BUT I’m convinced there has to be a reason, even if we never know it) – die of a heart attack at 25.  It’s a terrible loss when anyone passes away no matter the reason or the responsibility.  Life is precious, so treat it that way.  Your own life – and those around you – yes even those you don’t care about all the time.

DISCLAIMER: My random ramblings are only what I happen to be thinking of at the moment, so they are usually unedited and may not be complete in scope, as in the heat of the moment I write.  Apologies for any errors or misleading statements if there are any.


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