Posted by: colegrove | Thursday 29 October 2009

Life’s Greatest Questions


Life, n., the condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects and dead organisms..., etc.

seek_truthTruth is something of a lost art in an age of relativism.  According to todays standards, truth is whatever one wants it to be.  The way one belives about truth can show in the way one lives.  Its politically correct to say that no absolute truth exists.  However, truth exists if anything exists at all – that is a certainty.  The question of if there is or is not truth is a topic for another blog.  Starting with the fact that there is truth out there, what next?

No matter who someone is, where someone was born, what faith or culture one is born into – everyone wants to know their life purpose.  Everyone wants to know the meaning of life, andmeaning-of-life in the process of answering that single question, one must take a look at a few others.  Not everyone may think of these questions consciously, but we all have answers to these questions if we take time to think about them.  The point is most don’t want to think of the meaning and purpose to life – they don’t want to act on it consciously any more than they want to think about any absolutes.  They shape how we view the world and the people around us.  Our beliefs about the answers to these questions come out in how we live our lives.

  1. IDENTITY: Who/What am I?  What am I worth?
  2. ORIGIN: Where did I come from?  How did I/we/life come to be?Question
  3. DESTINY: What happens when I die?
  4. PROBLEMS: Why is there suffering in the world?  Why is there (or, “Is there…”) evil in the world?
  5. CHOICES/MORALITY: How should I live?  Is there any rules/guidelines to life?

WombDepending on what one believes on these questions in ones own life has drastic effects on the world around him; and specifically on how one values human life.  There are many philosophies from Epicureanism to Stoicism, different faiths from Eastern Mysticism to Islam to Christianity to Atheism.  How would these questions be answered by any of these “-isms” and what is the effect it has on the value of human life?

If anyone reads this blog, I’m curious to hear any serious responses to these five questions.


Life: It's here. What will you do with it?



  1. 1. I am man, an immortal sinner, fallen and sold a sin

    2. I was created perfect and sinless by God but fell because My parents Adam and Eve yielded to Satan’s temptation

    3.When I died, I loose all life and wait for Jesus in the grave to come and raise me up

    4. There is suffering in the world because of sin, Satan, Evil Angels and Sinners

    5. Yes there are rules of How to live but most importantly, the is a Father in heaven who care, a saviour who died for my sin and the Holy Spirit to guide us in this sinful world

    What are you answers to the above questions?

    • 1. Who am I: Life is sacred. Who am I? I am a man; an individual; a created being by a creator who created all mankind for his pleasure. We are all of infinite worth to this God. All mankind deserves respect and life: even those who are not of the same faith – they may be wrong – but were also created by God. God knows and loves us better than we do ourselves. We are also fallen. Unclean. There is one who is “the way, the truth, and the life”. Without a Savior separated from a Holy God. All of us are.

      2. Where did I come from: We were created by someone. Not chance. Humanity was created not evolved. There was not millions of years of death before sin entered the world, but death came from our falling from grace.

      3. After death: If we were created beings, and this creator loves us, he will not let us lie in the grave. He showed His love to us: after redeeming us, rose from the dead to be the firstfruits of all those who will rise. One day all humanity will stand before God and give account for our lives. Those in Christ will live with Him forever.

      4. Suffering/Evil: Sin, evil angels, the effects of sin. I agree. Also we seem to cause our own downfall by wrong thinking and wrong choices.

      5. Live: I agree, I agree, there are rules and if we break them not only does it grieve God, but it causes our own problems. Just as gravity is a law, so is laws of health and truth and morality.

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