Posted by: colegrove | Friday 21 May 2010

Philosophy of Liberty

A philosophy of liberty under law is the following.  This liberty protects Life (from murder, abortion, aggressive unlawful wars), God-given Rights (liberty, freedoms), Property ownership (free enterprise economics), and Privacy.

This liberty is not all inclusive though.  One cannot have absolute liberty, or there would be anarchy.  Liberty ends when one violates those rights.  For example, if someone murders someone, they can be brought to justice and jailed (loose their right to liberty).  Also if the government in which you are living tramples on the lives and the rights they defend (the only purpose of government), government looses its legitimacy, as Thomas Jefferson said in his Declaration of Independence.

Today we see both extremes: a government run aloof with centralization and power as well as a public that wants to do everything without consequences.  Overall, however, the bigger issue in my mind is an encroaching government that is allowed by its people to have more power and take away more rights from its people in the name of safety and efficiency.  Maybe the public should be more SELF-sufficient.


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